Saturday, January 21, 2006

Firefox theming (continued)

Garret, Firefox 1.5 contains half of the stock icon theming for GTK+ : the gtk-stock icon code has been merged and toolkit part of Firefox ships with GnomeStripe theme, which use stock icons (which is why you might have noticed why default buttons have icons). Unfortunately, it seems the browser part was not merged upstream. I've started porting the 1.0 gnomestripe theme to 1.5 this week and it is almost working ; there are still some glitches I'll try to fix next week (which can be hard since there is no error output anywhere nor good documentation on theming. And I hope part of the theme will be merged upstream one day.

I'll also port kdestripe which is a Crystal only port of gnomestripe (ie it doesn't follow KDE icon setting). It should be ready next week if everything go smoothly (and I doubt it will).

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Google Talk opened

Oh my god, Google just did it : Google Talk (which is XMPP/Jabber based) is now able to communicate with any other users using jabber accounts on server other than Google Talk (see here).
If you already have a Google Talk account, you can add anybody jabber-id to it (I've tested with Gaim) and you will be able to communicate with them, without worrying on the server used by your friends.

This is probably the big boost for a really interoperable and open IM system (like SMTP) as Jabber is, done by a big player.

Sunday, January 8, 2006

RTFM, Firefox 1.5

Sometime, I should really read user manual (and I swear, I read Nokia 770 manual when I received it !). Yesterday, I discovered by chance two very nice features of 770 regarding button shortcuts :

  • pressing "back" button for a long period of time (about 1 or 2s) close the current window. At first, I thought I discovered a bug in the browser but I checked manual first and I discovered it is documented (but not easily discoverable IMO).

  • pressing "home" button for a long period of time popup the application switcher. By itself, it isn't really useful (since you can get the app switcher on the standard UI) but when you are using browser in full screen mode and you have several windows opened for the browser, you really enjoy it (specially associated with the previous shortcut).

Firefox 1.5

Last friday, I found enough time to finish upgrading cooker package for firefox 1.5. Unfortunately, I discovered theme was completely changed, which means I'll need to rewrite both GNOME and KDE themes we are shipping with our package (GNOME theme being gnomestripe for the fedora dudes, which hasn't been ported yet). And of course, there is no real documentation on how to port 1.0 theme to 1.5. The more I work on Firefox, the more I prefer Epiphany (but people who know me already know that fact ;) )

Monday, January 2, 2006

WP2, N770...

Wordpress 2.0:
Sorry for the spam, Planet GNOME or Mandriva users, it seems upgrading to Wordpress 2.0 (which worked like a charm) changed RSS feeds publish date, causing blog spam. At least, it is a good way to detect people upgrading their blog ;) After my 10 days holidays at my family house in south of France (Lozère for those insterested), I found 35 comment spams waiting on my blog. I enabled SK2 plugin to clean that and now with WP2, I'll use integrated Akismet antispam plugin and see how effective it is.

Nokia 770:

Today, I found a 1GB RS-MMC card for my Nokia 770 : they were not available in France and can now be found easily in the Montgallet neighbourghood (which is a little like Akihabara in Tokyo, were you can find cheap computer parts) in Paris. Another good new for N770 owner : Brando Workshop, a famous PDA accessories vendor, now sells N770 screen protection (either the simple one or the UltraClear one, which I recommend). They are located in Hong-Kong but ship worldwide (usually takes 2 weeks to receive a by-air envelope with a nice hong-kong stamp on it). All my electronic devices wear Brando Ultraclear protections (my mobile phone, my Palm, my Canon digicam, my PSP and soon my N770).

Nokia has released a new firmware last Friday but still without any changelog, let's hope Nokia dudes will get clearance for at least a NEWS file in future releases ;)