Monday, January 2, 2006

WP2, N770...

Wordpress 2.0:
Sorry for the spam, Planet GNOME or Mandriva users, it seems upgrading to Wordpress 2.0 (which worked like a charm) changed RSS feeds publish date, causing blog spam. At least, it is a good way to detect people upgrading their blog ;) After my 10 days holidays at my family house in south of France (Lozère for those insterested), I found 35 comment spams waiting on my blog. I enabled SK2 plugin to clean that and now with WP2, I'll use integrated Akismet antispam plugin and see how effective it is.

Nokia 770:

Today, I found a 1GB RS-MMC card for my Nokia 770 : they were not available in France and can now be found easily in the Montgallet neighbourghood (which is a little like Akihabara in Tokyo, were you can find cheap computer parts) in Paris. Another good new for N770 owner : Brando Workshop, a famous PDA accessories vendor, now sells N770 screen protection (either the simple one or the UltraClear one, which I recommend). They are located in Hong-Kong but ship worldwide (usually takes 2 weeks to receive a by-air envelope with a nice hong-kong stamp on it). All my electronic devices wear Brando Ultraclear protections (my mobile phone, my Palm, my Canon digicam, my PSP and soon my N770).

Nokia has released a new firmware last Friday but still without any changelog, let's hope Nokia dudes will get clearance for at least a NEWS file in future releases ;)


  1. Comment from Stéphan K.:

    That's funny, I can see your previous apology on the planet. ;)

  2. Comment from Eskild Hustvedt:

    Didn't happen when I upgraded wordpress :o