Sunday, January 8, 2006

RTFM, Firefox 1.5

Sometime, I should really read user manual (and I swear, I read Nokia 770 manual when I received it !). Yesterday, I discovered by chance two very nice features of 770 regarding button shortcuts :

  • pressing "back" button for a long period of time (about 1 or 2s) close the current window. At first, I thought I discovered a bug in the browser but I checked manual first and I discovered it is documented (but not easily discoverable IMO).

  • pressing "home" button for a long period of time popup the application switcher. By itself, it isn't really useful (since you can get the app switcher on the standard UI) but when you are using browser in full screen mode and you have several windows opened for the browser, you really enjoy it (specially associated with the previous shortcut).

Firefox 1.5

Last friday, I found enough time to finish upgrading cooker package for firefox 1.5. Unfortunately, I discovered theme was completely changed, which means I'll need to rewrite both GNOME and KDE themes we are shipping with our package (GNOME theme being gnomestripe for the fedora dudes, which hasn't been ported yet). And of course, there is no real documentation on how to port 1.0 theme to 1.5. The more I work on Firefox, the more I prefer Epiphany (but people who know me already know that fact ;) )


  1. Comment from Nico Kaiser:

    I wrote a small Firefox theme that makes Firefox use Tango icons. This fixed the lack of gnomestripes in FF 1.5 for me, at least for now...

  2. Comment from Fred:

    To provide a sense of balance (and because I always seem to have a contrary viewpoint), the more I use them, the more I prefer Firefox to Epiphany. (I used to use Galeon, but I figured I'd better switch since that was end-of-lifed.)

    Of course, the whole our-own-native-browser aspect is cool, and it has great potential, so I *want* Epiphany to get better. :-) It's just not there yet.