Sunday, October 19, 2003

XMLRPC - Gnome-blog powered

After a little fight with pyblosxom, I've got xmlrpc running on my server and this is my first post using gnome-blog..

Thursday, October 9, 2003

TranquilPC, unreliable ?

Well, it seems it is not a good week for my hardware.. Yesterday, my server (the tranquilPC one) was no longer responding and when I tested
it today, I discovered it no longer boots at all :(
I've revived my old Pentium 233 as webserver/gateway (damn, it is really noisy) and I'll contact TranquilPC directly to see if they have
an idea on the problem and after that, Mini-itx to see if I need to return it (which will mean paying to shipping from France to UK :(

Monday, October 6, 2003

It is alive...

Yes, I'm not dead :)
Distribution release rush is history now (back in 6 months), so I have a little more time for myself.
On the hardware side, I'm quite happy with my Sony LCD except I had two "glitches" with it recently : last Saturday, when I turned it on, I
got a big vertical black stripe for 2/3cm on the center of the screen (from top to bottom), where even OSD wasn't displayed. I was dialing my
web vendor support number when it came back. And this morning, I had the same problem and screen went back to normal operation after 15 minutes on. I'm a little afraid to send my screen back for repair because it is a somehow random problem and I'm sure it won't appear when vendor will test it :(
Another hardware notice : oops, I did it again.. I've replace my main system (too noisy for my taste) with a Shuttle SN45G three weeks ago and I'm really happy with it (exception with proprietary driver for built-in ethernet adapter). I replace its main fan with PAPST one last Saturday and it is very quiet now (well, you can still hear fan noice but it is not very disturbing, compared to my previous PC), thanks to Shuttle smart-fan technology (I'll have to dig in lm-sensors code because enabling them cause smart-fan to shutdown and fan runs at full speed :(