Saturday, June 24, 2006

Guadec, Fridge, Wordpress spam

Ok, my bag is almost ready, I borrowed a laptop from work (and fixed a bunch of issues in cooker since monday while upgrading and testing it) and my 770 is also ready. I have to be at Roissy airport at 6:00 morning tomorrow (too early for my taste) and I land in Barcelona at 8:25. I also plan to visit Barcelona from Thursday (maybe only after Maemo presentations) to Saturday.

Frige is out
aka MandrivaLinux 2007.0 Alpha. A lot of brand new stuff in it, including 7.1, GNOME 2.15.x (based on latest tarballs available this week). Yes, you didn't misread, we decided to switch to the latest version of GNOME for MandrivaLinux 2007.0, thanks to almost non clashing schedule this time. The most interesting things for me are of course the migration to full XDG menu system (we are dropping the old Debian menu system), which is still in progress. And a good news for GNOME users : we will be now providing installable LiveCD (so you can test if the distribution works fine on your system without installing it first) for GNOME too ! Warly gave me one Fridge GNOME x86 liveCD as well as an more recent snapshot (which fixes some issues from Alpha) so if you want to test it when attending Guadec, just ask me and I'll let you test the CD (but you'll have to give it back to me after..)

Wordpress spam
Since I switched my blog to wordpress, I got too much comment spams for my taste. I tried Askimet plugin but I still had several spams to moderate each day. So I tried WP-Hashcash and since then, I got zero spam (well, only one while I upgrading to WP 2.0.3 and disable wp-hashcash for about one minute).

Shuttle Zen
I forgot to blog about it : so, I got back my Shuttle from repair and this time, they fixed it correctly (I don't know how they did it without replacing mainboard) but since the first repair changed the quiet fan with a loud one, I decided to buy a quiet fan : a Zalman ZM-OP1 (it is supposed to be a graphic card fan) and I got back a quiet system.