Sunday, January 11, 2004

Menus and various stuff

Havoc: ok, I failed too to get XDG menus in a good shape in time for MandrakeLinux 10.0. I had a working patch Friday afternoon but it failed support for the optional Layout/DefaultLayout from XDG menu spec and after a quick discussion with Mark, getting it working in a clean way can't be done quickly. And I'm not very confident in the quality
of my patch. So, MandrakeLinux 10.0 will still use our patched version of Debian menu system and I plan to push my patch and get everything in shape as soon as GNOME 2.7 will start.
Yesterday, a friend of mine came to give me back books and DVD I lent him and he showed me Beyond Good And Evil on PS2 : very nice game, done by a french team of UbiSoft, in Montpellier..
Today, I went to see Gothika with a friend. Not bad but not exceptional..
I was very sad when I read about Mark Finlay death. I didn't knew him but I read his blog on PlanetGNOME and I could see his contribution to GNOME. The last 3 months have really been bad for GNOME hackers :(

Thursday, January 1, 2004

Happy New Year, etc..

First, before I forget Happy New Year folks :)
I spent one week at Christmas in my family house with my mom and I could enjoy viewing for a second time both LOTR 1 & 2 (full edition) and Dune and Children of Dune (and also playing a lot to Jak 2 on my PS2 :)
Last week wasn't a busy week at the office (only two days of work, mainly reading emails), I celebrated New Eve with friends and when we woke up (at 9:00 by the 9 month old baby of my friends), there was snow all around.. Really nice.
Today, I was able to push a new metacity theme named Galaxy2 by our marketing people, which is a small evolution from the original Galaxy metacity theme.
Havoc, you should read your email :) I sent you, before Christmas, my first fixes for desktop-file-utils so it almost validates menu-spec 0.8. I was able to work on it today and I'm hoping to really fix the remaining non-compliance this week... But I must confess d-f-u should be released with aspirin :)
On the hardware side, my LCD monitor is doing strange things again : I had the following problem only from time to time and it was disappearing after 30 mins of activity. The problem rans away but last thursday, I got this : . Problably the snow version of the initial problem. It disappeared after 45mins and I didn't get it back until now. I know I have to return my LCD monitor but it is the only monitor I have at home. So, I'll have to plug my tranquilPC on my TV set and use 40px fonts for two weeks :((