Tuesday, October 16, 2007

MandrivaLinux 2008.0 One GNOME edition available

Like all stars who are always a little late, Mdv 2008.0 One GNOME CD (ie installable LiveCD) is now available for download either on ftp mirror (for instance on Proxad or through Bittorrent). If you never tried MandrivaLinux and you like GNOME, this version is for you.

At last GUADEC, I discussed with many people who told me they went to Linux thanks to Linux-Mandrake and later switched to other distributions, feeling we lost our connection with the community. I can assure you we didn't (but maybe, seen from outside the company, it might have feel that way) and with this new release, I'd like people who used to be Mandrivians or people who tried our distribution years ago and were disappointed (and think it didn't change since) to try our new release. Just do it ;) And now, with Free Software virtualization solution available like VirtualBox, it has never been easier to test a new distro (and you will discover MandrivaLinux 2008.0 installs and configures VirtualBox addons automatically for even better experience, thanks to Blino hard work).