Friday, August 13, 2004

New digicam, EsounD

Last week, I bought a new digital camera to replace my old Canon A20 I sold to a friend one month ago. I had an opportunity to get a CF 2Gb harddisk for a very interesting price so I choose a Canon Powershot S60 which is a nice compact camera but 3.6x optical zoom and ability to use CF type II card. My first photos, taken at Paris Plage 2004 are here (unfortunately, sun wasn't very present when I took the photos).
Yesterday, I did a new esound release, mainly because some interesting patches were waiting in CVS for some time now (like MMAP support for esddsp, so you can now play Quake with esd). I've also sent a search for new maintainer mail because I really don't have time nor interest in maintaining esound (and I never have). Let's hope somebody will be interested.