Sunday, February 17, 2008


For quite some time, I planned to shutdown my personal server at home but finding reliable services which provide exactly can be tricky. So, as always, I'm doing this in several phases.

For my blog, I migrated my own personal Wordpress to blogger, thanks to You can now found it at For those using RSS feeds, please update your feed subscription (Planet GNOME is already updated).

For mail, I've been using a custom setup, with mail forwarding from my registrar (Gandi) to my ISP then using fetchmail + procmail + courier-imap and either Evolution or SquirrelMail to be able to access my email from anywhere. I've evaluated GMail (since it features IMAP) and it worked nicely (except for Evolution 2.20 which had issues with some strangely mime encoded titles but it has been fixed in 2.21.x release). And I must confess I've been using Gmail web interface for some months and they have almost converted me.. So, I decided to switch my domain mail directly to Google Apps, which is now effective for one week now.

For instant messaging, I was using my own jabber server. I've switched to Google Apps for that too. I still need to migration my transport for other IM services but this is not a big issue.