Monday, February 16, 2004

PlanetPlanet, Fosdem

Yesterday, I updated my little webserver to use PlanetPlanet instead of spicyroll for my personal news aggregator.. This is really great, now, I'm able to aggregate Planet GNOME with my other news feeds.
Fosdem : Glynn, we are brothers : Thanks to sxpert (I'll buy you a beer, dude), I discovered this morning I completely screwed up my fosdem booking (train and hotel), because I thought Fosdem was last week-end of February.. I was able to change train ticket and hotel booking and it will cost me 45EUR more than expected.. Next time, I'll check my calendar more carefully as well as cancellation fees for hotels..

Thursday, February 5, 2004


Thanks to everybody who added me on their Orkut list.. Even my Spamassassin thought it was spam :) I've started digging in the website and it is really nice. Too bad its UI is not yet available for non-english speaker.
Oh, BTW, of course, in my last entry, I was speaking about Solutions Linux 2004 (thanks Sergej)

Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Solutions Linux and other things

Yesterday, I was on Solutions Linux 2004 exhibition (previously known as Linux Expo Paris). I was at Mandrakesoft booth the entire morning (our booth was a little too small, so I could't do my 1/2h hour presentation of the distro) but many people came and when I had some time to rest, it was already 2pm.. I was on GNOME-FR booth (BTW, thanks again Tim and HP for the nice posters) and I did some demo on the accessibility tools such as gnopernicus, gok and dasher.
There was a nice evening meal with all the associations which were on Solutions Linux and there was a very productive discussion between all the french-speaking GNOME guys (there will be probably more about that in the following weeks).
It seems I don't any friend, since I didn't receive any mail to join Orkut :(