Saturday, January 21, 2006

Firefox theming (continued)

Garret, Firefox 1.5 contains half of the stock icon theming for GTK+ : the gtk-stock icon code has been merged and toolkit part of Firefox ships with GnomeStripe theme, which use stock icons (which is why you might have noticed why default buttons have icons). Unfortunately, it seems the browser part was not merged upstream. I've started porting the 1.0 gnomestripe theme to 1.5 this week and it is almost working ; there are still some glitches I'll try to fix next week (which can be hard since there is no error output anywhere nor good documentation on theming. And I hope part of the theme will be merged upstream one day.

I'll also port kdestripe which is a Crystal only port of gnomestripe (ie it doesn't follow KDE icon setting). It should be ready next week if everything go smoothly (and I doubt it will).

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  1. Comment from Garrett LeSage:


    That post was from a month or two ago, it just got reposted due to buginess in Planet Gnome.... but it's very good to know that it's making progress.