Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Google Talk opened

Oh my god, Google just did it : Google Talk (which is XMPP/Jabber based) is now able to communicate with any other users using jabber accounts on server other than Google Talk (see here).
If you already have a Google Talk account, you can add anybody jabber-id to it (I've tested with Gaim) and you will be able to communicate with them, without worrying on the server used by your friends.

This is probably the big boost for a really interoperable and open IM system (like SMTP) as Jabber is, done by a big player.


  1. Comment from AdamW:

    So now what we really need is a jabber.mandriva.com (or jabber.mandrivaclub.com) - it's been suggested many times by Club members but no-one above me will pick it up...can you ask anyone? :)

  2. Comment from Fred:

    I don't see why. Since anybody can have a Google Talk account, there is no need to duplicate such feature on mandriva side.

  3. Comment from Eskild Hustvedt:

    Not anybody, need gmail and invites and such junk, mandriva one would just be for the cool factor I guess.

    Though, my real comment is: FINALLY! GREAT! :D

  4. Comment from yoho:

    Is googletalk supporting offline messaging ?

  5. Comment from Fred:

    No, I've tested and Google Talk doesn't support offline messaging yet.