Friday, April 22, 2011

GNOME 3 Live image version 1.1.0 released

Hi everyone, it is me again (yes, I know two posts in two days, incredible ;)

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In the past week, we have been working on both GNOME:STABLE:3.0 repository and on creating a GNOME 3 Promo DVD, based on this live image, but with more content on it (LibreOffice, Banshee 2.0, etc..). Because of this, image size has increased a bit (950MB)

Good news too, we fixed KMS issues with some Radeon cards people reported when using live image (problem was fixed once the image was installed).

This new image (1.1.0) is now based on GNOME:STABLE:3.0 repository and contains all security and bugfix updates for openSUSE 11.4.

To download the image, go to

Enjoy !


  1. Crozat, I'm here to say thank you! Great work!! Congrats from Brazil. Johnny Walker, keep "working"... :)

  2. Fantastic, news. I just tried the i686 image and it does not appear to be installable anymore. Is this on purpose?

  3. Fred. is there any installer?



  4. @davidnielsen, @LuisC-SM : image is installable (like the previous images)

    Just add liveinstall as parameter in boot menu