Thursday, March 3, 2011

GNOME 3 live image - revenge of the workspaces (aka 0.0.5)

Hello everyone,

You probably heard about GNOME 2.91.90 being released last week, with a lot of goodies in various places, including changes to GNOME-Shell (new workspace management, improved design, etc..).


You can now test all this work with a fresh new release of GNOME3 live image.
Changes in the image itself is pretty minimal :

  • switched back to default kernel, some people with non-PAE system could not use previous image anymore (thanks Andre for the info)
  • more a11y tools integrated (still work in progress, thanks Javier for the notice)
  • more language available (switching languages from GNOME 3 is broken in this image, it should be fixed with image 0.0.6)
If you installed previous image on a system, just run "zypper dup" as root to update to latest GNOME 3 packages.

To download the image, go to