Thursday, February 17, 2011

GNOME 3 Live image - version 0.0.4

Another week, another release of GNOME 3 live image.

Sorry for the delay but the release of GTK 3.0 and glib 2.28 last week pushed back my planned release since I needed to rebuild the entire stack with it.

If you want to spread the word about the image, you can also link now to 

Anyway, what is new in this release :

  • many modules have been updated to GNOME 2.91.6
  • kernel 2.6.37 (desktop flavor) and Xorg 1.9.3 (ie fresh drivers for many cards) : thanks to OBS, I've been able to easily integrate those packages update on our stable distribution (openSUSE 11.3). Still no gallium driver for radeon, this is scheduled for next week.
  • fixed freeze at startup on some radeon card (there was a race between graphical splash and radeon KMS)
  • some additional network drivers (shaun, this release is for you ;)
  • more GNOME 3 modules, based on feedback we got from FOSDEM (epiphany, evince, brasero, gnome-packagekit, file-roller, evolution, gnome-games, totem-plugins...)
  • new gnome-shell, with integration with evolution-data-server (no, you won't have yet new workspace layout in this image, since GNOME-Shell hackers are still busy working on it)
  • The Board is also in the image, feel free to test it
On the know issues :
  • ndiswrapper is not shipped (not available for 2.6.37 yet)
  • same for vmware guest (please use SUSE Studio appliance instead)
  • there are some SSL certificates popups issues (when using empathy)
  • changing language from gnome-control-center doesn't work
If you installed the image on a system, you should be able to update it, running "zypper dup" as root (careful, we changed a lot of things this time)