Friday, March 11, 2011

GNOME 3 Live image 0.1.0 released - Geeko strikes back

Another week, another release.


This week has been a busy week : GNOME people worked really hard on 2.91.91 release and openSUSE people worked really hard on release openSUSE 11.4.

So, let's please everybody with this week GNOME 3 Live image 0.1.0 : it features GNOME 2.91.91 on top of the brand new openSUSE 11.4.

If you tested previous live image, you'll notice a lot of changes, so don't be surprised :
- image is no longer persistent when installed on USB stick : it was slowly first boot a lot (and we don't want to give people testing the image it is slowww) and sometime, if shutdown wasn't done properly, the persistent partition could become corrupted and you had to either remove it completely or redump the key
- language / keyboard / timezone selection at startup is gone : again, it was slowing the boot and the experience was completely different from GNOME3 experience. But you can still choose the language (as well as keyboard / timezone) : either in the boot menu at startup or later, in GNOME Control Center (in GNOME Shell, top right menu then System Settings and Regions / Language)
- no more password for demo user (named 'tux' ) nor root user : again, simplicity prevaled. If you get asked a password at any time, just press enter.
- virtualbox guest support is not available (temporary issue for this image and we still don't support GNOME Shell in virtualbox)
- a lot of translations have been added
- many GNOME packages have been ported to GNOME 3 platform and are preinstalled in the image
- since we rebased the image on openSUSE 11.4, we will try to stick to kernel and X11 drivers shipped with it.

As always, you'll find the image at


(Yes, I know above photo isn't a gecko but I only had iguane in my photo albums :)