Friday, February 4, 2011

FOSDEM - New version of GNOME 3 live image

As many GNOME folks, I'll be at FOSDEM, either attending some talks or on GNOME booth or near openSUSE booth (and maybe saying hi to Mageia folks who will have their first assembly there).

And for FOSDEM, I've updated GNOME 3 live cd/usb image to version 0.0.3 : its adds more packages (including empathy), update some components to more recent version (although you won't have the latest 2.91.6 GNOME 3 pre-release, since it was a little too late to get it in time for FOSDEM).

And if you are coming to FOSDEM, take a empty USB stick with you (minimum 500MB) and visit GNOME booth : we will be happy to dump the GNOME 3 live image on it so you can test it at home or anywhere you want.

Location to download it is the same (and you will redirected to nearest mirror for free) :
If you want to play with virtual image, go to SUSE Gallery.

If you have installed previous image on a system, you can update it by running "zypper dup" as root.

Reminder : either use dd, Mdv seed or aaron tool to write image to usb. Do not try to use Unetbootin, it will break the image.


  1. Hi, I've got an odd artifact on my dual-head setup. The "screenshot" button doesn't seem to work, so I used my phone.

    my graphics are Intel i965.

    Anything I could do about this?

  2. could you provide a consisten stream of updates in your gnome3 repo, please?
    I've installed you very handy live iso and I would like to follow really closely the development for bug squashing

  3. @fanen It is probably related to X drivers. I'll try to update them in a future version of the image

    @josephk it is already the case : just run "zypper up" or "zypper dup" from time to time. But remember it takes time to get a full GNOME 3 stack build and to keep updated.

  4. I suggest to not run zypper dup, it caused the system to be unusable.
    I've seen the first flow of updates, but not the new autoworkspace layout. But everything is working quite well.
    I suggest you to add in your next live image the followings:
    totem plugins
    file roller
    maybe replace yast-installer with packagekit/apper?

    thanks, have a nice day

  5. @josephk : zypper dup should not turn your system into unstable one but I did a massive update of packages (including kernel) which might explain your temporary issue.

    no autoworkspace yet, it hasn't landed on gnome-shell tarball yet (and getting everything to the latest version of packages took me already too much time)
    I'll add your suggested packages to next image

  6. Now this version is working very well with my ATI Radeon 5670 card, the previous version was really slow as i related here. Really, i'm very impressed with Gnome Shell! Thank you.