Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter Monkey

Easter Egg
So, yesterday, we (Mandriva) decided to do a nice gift to all cooker Mandriva users for Easter: Mono is now available in Mandriva main cooker (and now longer in contrib repository). This mean we will be able to ship Mono (and Mono based applications) with the next release of MandrivaLinux (2007) which is scheduled for fall 2006.

I gave my Shuttle Zen for repair this morning to get motherboard will be replaced. Before giving it back, I checked fan which was replaced and Shuttle replaced it with a noisier model than the original one. I also discovered the support guy had only one line of text to describe the problem. Now, I have to wait at least one month, so my gateway where this blog is hosted is running on a Pentium 233 MMX.

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    [...] Also happy easter to the Mandriva users that now have Mono in cooker. Nice. [...]