Sunday, April 23, 2006

GNOME 2.14.1, Shows, SIP

I had a somehow busy week :

GNOME 2.14.1:
I'm happy to announce migration for MandrivaLinux cooker to GNOME 2.14.1 is finished. Now, we'll see how much bugs cooker folks will find and report ;)

My ISP announced this week (as long with other nice things like HDTV) it will allow its customers to plug on their phone account using SIP from all over the world, as long as you have Internet access (including Wifi). It will allow calling almost any phone number in France and 20 other countries (USA, Canada, Spain) for free, from anywhere. They will also sell GSM/Wifi-SIP phones soon. Cool thing will be with next major update of Nokia 770 which will include SIP support. I hope it will push more people to use open standard like SIP instead of Skype...

Shows :
A little french centric, but it might interest people : last sunday, I watched Renaissance, a french B&W full CG and motion capture animation thriller, which take place in Paris in 2054. Scenario was a little too easy but the film in itself was quite interesting. On Tuesday, I went to a concert of three french female music bands (their collective is called Les Filles Se Demerdent). The first band wasn't so great but second one, Velour (music here) and third one, Marjolaine (music here) were great. On Wednesday, I went to see Dany Boon, a french comic and I was quite dissapointed (I won't suggest this particular show to anyone).

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