Monday, April 10, 2006

Back to work

So, it is a little more than one week that I came back from holidays and things are almost back to normal.

Mexico :

Catedral de la Concepcíón in Campeche

What to say : a beautiful country, with very nice people (even for tourists like me who only speaks 10 words of spanish) and excellent cooking. My 15 days tour (from Mexico to Playa del Carmen) was great but unfortunately, I didn't find the magic receipe to become a genius hacker like Federico or Miguel. All my photos are available as always on my Flickr account (I haven't commented photos yet, I hope I'll be able to do it in the following weeks).

Shuttle :
About 6 weeks ago, I gave my gateway system (Shuttle Zen, very system) for repair because fan was stopping after some time and this issue was known as one of the various defect of this specific Shuttle model, where motherboard power for fan dies after about 13 months of use. Fortunately, mine was only 8 months old, I gave it back and put back an old Pentium MMX 233 as gateway. Last saturday, I was able to get back my Shuttle. And guess what : they didn't repair it properly ! When I gave it for repair, I specified it was a problem on the motherboard but the guy wrote "fan problem" and Shuttle replaced fan and box (serial number is different) but NOT the motherboard and after only several hours of use, the problem is back. I waited 6 weeks for that and now, I'll need to return it and wait for another 6 weeks before getting a working system. In the mean time, I'm using another fan plug on motherboard but it isn't calibrated correctly in the BIOS and it is running much too fast, causing much more noise as expected. My advice : don't buy Shuttle Zen (ST62K), they are known to be defective..

Coverity :
I already talked about it but today, I checked back Coverity reports on GNOME and those guys added all jhbuild dependencies for building GNOME into their tool (and sometime too much, so we end up with defects from Mozilla in our own count :( ). Anyway, I spent part of today checking fontconfig defects (since 2.3.95 is expected next week to prepare 2.4.0 soon) : there are 38 defects, I only checked 12 defects for now, got 2 false positives, 2 missing checks for null pointers and 8 memory leaks (most in corner cases but some in non error cases). Patrick already merged all my fixes and I hope to get all defects reviewed by the end of the week (and probably before that). And the most funny (or strange) part of that is I enjoyed doing those code reviews ;)

Jhbuild / Ekiga :
Since I decided to please Luis before he asked, I hacked jhbuild support for pwlib and opal last month but I didn't find time to get it merged upstream. So, patch is available here. Enjoy.

GNOME 2.14:
Today, I started integrating GNOME 2.14 into Mandriva Cooker, using Götz Waschk excellent packages as basis. Everything should be complete before next week (I hope).


  1. Comment from AdamW:

    I have the same Shuttle - had the exact same problem, interesting to know it happens to everyone, but I found there was an option in the BIOS to switch the smart monitoring to another of the fan headers. So I just connected the fan to (IIRC) header 3, set the BIOS option to that header, and now it's all fine. Do you not have this option in your BIOS?

  2. Yes, I already configured BIOS to use both fan1 (defective) and fan3, but it seems to drive fan worse than before (about 2600 rpm, instead of 1800 rpm before). More informations about the problem of Shuttle Zen on Sudhian forum

  3. Comment from AdamW:

    Ah, that sucks - for me, it still runs at 1700RPM on fan3. Weird that it would be different :(

    I used to be quite active in that Sudhian forum a few years back, not enough time now though :)

  4. Comment from Øyvind Hvamstad:

    I have the same box, and the same problem. Only on my Shuttle, both fan header 1 and 3 died. What I did was buy an extension cable and now I use fan header 2. The design i a bit wierd. Why did they put two fan headers just next to the CPU? It gets hot over there! :)