Sunday, March 12, 2006

Mexico, here I come

Hmm, again I haven't logged for some time. I guess the problem is that it hasn't yet become a reflex to blog often, as I usually think I don't have many interesting things to share with readers.

The nice people of Coverity (with help from a DoD grant) have started to release their findings about various open source softwares, including GNOME. This is great (even if some of the tested code is no longer used like libxml1 or imlib) but this will be fixed soon.

Firefox theming
Following my previous post, I finished porting GNOMEStripe, as well as KDEStripe for Firefox 1.5. My big problems were caused by syntax error in CSS I wrote, but Firefox was not complaining at all (no error, nothing). Unfortunately, some icons are still missing from gnome icon theme, so I grab some from GnomeFX theme (which is really nice and also add icons to menu entries). GNOMEStripe and KDEStripe are part of firefox Mandriva cooker package, as well as autosense desktop environment, which causes firefox to switch automatically to KDEstripe if started under KDE or GNOMEstripe if started under KDE, improving consistency. Of course, if you really want a consistent browser under GNOME, don't use a copy, use the only reference aka Epiphany ;)

I'm going to visit Mexico (from Mexico city to Cancun) for a 2 weeks trip, starting next Thrusday. Time to prepare my luggage and my digital camera.

Solar digicam
I thought about experimenting solar recharge for my digicam (Canon S60, which use proprietary batteries) during my trip (mostly because I won't have any power problem on this trip) but I haven't found any good informations / tests about it, except "buy AA batteries" (which won't work, of course). So, if you have any experience about solar recharge, feel free to comment.

Linux everywhere
Funny, while reading iaudiophile, I discovered one of their latest video product (Cowon iAudio A2) is linux based and with source available !!

Web 2.0, Ajax and co
I recently tested Digg as additional tech news source. Concept is interesting, implementation too (but I would prefer more ajax interface in it, such as being able to digg a story after I read it without going back to digg page) but it doesn't integrate well with my current news process which is heavily based on Planet : I read all RSS feeds at home, at work and in the bus (for this, I'm still using Plucker + JPluck on my T3, while experimenting with my Nokia 770) from my own personal planet. Process could be improved (bookmarking all opened links for future search, mark read/unread feeds, archiving feeds) but it isn't so bad.


  1. Comment from john:

    Hi, I looked at digg before and for some reason I did not get on with it. A bit cluttered or perhaps I just did not understand the idea! But I found to be a good replacement with a nice simple interface and the recomends section is quite good.

    Friend of mine has a Solio solar charger for his iPod and says it's great. I think that the main advantage is that it has it's own batteries so you can leave it charging all day then use it to charge your phone/ipod/camera overnight. No need to have constant bright sunshine when you want to charge.


  2. Comment from Fred:

    The idea behind Digg is that anybody can "vote" for a story, which allows to get moderation by users. Some kind of automatic slashdot.

    Thanks for the Solio link. It seems designed for less power hugry gizmos like ipod or cell phones than digicam, since it only can store 1600mAh on 3.6V battery.