Saturday, December 10, 2005, Christmas, PSP, X hacker
Yahoo! has done it again : they have announced yesterday they bought (they bought Flickr earlier this year). They seems to try to get a clue at interesting technologies and Web 2.0. I just hope they won't change too much (at least, not more than they changed Flickr). Maybe their next shopping will be Technorati (it would be logical, even if I don't use Technorati myself).

As Christmas is approching, Mandriva has decided to do a Christmas gift to Mandriva Club member : we will be release a Christmas Edition of Powerpack for x86, with GNOME 2.12 (yes, you read correctly, not 2.10 ;) ) as default environment and an updated theme/bootsplash/screensavers Christmas theme. I don't have the exact release date, but I guess it will be next week or so.

In these Christmas days, Santa Claus came early and offered me a PSP (yes, I know, I'm weak..). I've been using it for some days and it is great, but having also a Nokia 770, I can see the big difference : PSP sucks as a web browser, compared to N770 (Sony guys should have bought an Opera license, instead of a Netfront one) and their Wifi support doesn't work in Adhoc mode for network access, so I'll need to replace my cheap wifi network done with a USB dongle (based on Ralink rt2570 chipset which is starting to be correctly supported on Linux) with a real access point. I've also tried to convert some videos to be played on PSP : current result is average. I've only been able to generate MP4 file and quality is not as good as the one I can get with N770 (PSP fullscreen mode is much more blurry than N770 one). I've tried generating AVC files but they are not even detected by PSP (and I have firmware 2.01 ie with AVC support) and finding really relevant informations on PSP platform is extremely difficult. I really enjoy Maemo openness compared to PSP.

X server hacker
Mandriva is currently seeking an X Server hacker : so, if patching xorg server is your day (or night) hacking and if you want to work a really cool opensource company, go there. Warning : position is in our Paris office, not remote working.