Saturday, December 10, 2005, Christmas, PSP, X hacker
Yahoo! has done it again : they have announced yesterday they bought (they bought Flickr earlier this year). They seems to try to get a clue at interesting technologies and Web 2.0. I just hope they won't change too much (at least, not more than they changed Flickr). Maybe their next shopping will be Technorati (it would be logical, even if I don't use Technorati myself).

As Christmas is approching, Mandriva has decided to do a Christmas gift to Mandriva Club member : we will be release a Christmas Edition of Powerpack for x86, with GNOME 2.12 (yes, you read correctly, not 2.10 ;) ) as default environment and an updated theme/bootsplash/screensavers Christmas theme. I don't have the exact release date, but I guess it will be next week or so.

In these Christmas days, Santa Claus came early and offered me a PSP (yes, I know, I'm weak..). I've been using it for some days and it is great, but having also a Nokia 770, I can see the big difference : PSP sucks as a web browser, compared to N770 (Sony guys should have bought an Opera license, instead of a Netfront one) and their Wifi support doesn't work in Adhoc mode for network access, so I'll need to replace my cheap wifi network done with a USB dongle (based on Ralink rt2570 chipset which is starting to be correctly supported on Linux) with a real access point. I've also tried to convert some videos to be played on PSP : current result is average. I've only been able to generate MP4 file and quality is not as good as the one I can get with N770 (PSP fullscreen mode is much more blurry than N770 one). I've tried generating AVC files but they are not even detected by PSP (and I have firmware 2.01 ie with AVC support) and finding really relevant informations on PSP platform is extremely difficult. I really enjoy Maemo openness compared to PSP.

X server hacker
Mandriva is currently seeking an X Server hacker : so, if patching xorg server is your day (or night) hacking and if you want to work a really cool opensource company, go there. Warning : position is in our Paris office, not remote working.


  1. Comment from Donnie Berkholz:

    Heh, did you decide that modular X takes another person to maintain? Certainly is the case for us at Gentoo.

  2. Comment from Fred:

    Since Mandrakesoft/Mandriva exists, X Window package has always been maintained by Frederic Lepied, but some years now, Fred is also our CTO, which leave him not enough time to work full time on X Window, so he decided we need a full time hacker on X Window...

  3. Comment from Malcolm Caldwell:

    I also got a PSP for Christmas (actually I won it)

    I spent *ages* trying to get video onto it. I upgraded the firmware to 2.6, which might have half of the probelm.

    Quickly found the patch for ffmpeg to make it work with version 2.X of PSP firmware but it did not apply cleanly to current cvs. So I hacked it, but it still would not work.

    You are correct: the information on this is a pain to find.

    Tried to use x284 and gpac and atomchanger (under wine) to encode avc but no luck (there is information about this on doom9's forums)

    Which brings me to say: I hate forums. Why does the world put up with that stuff?

    Anyway, finally found another version of the ffmpeg patch, this one needed minimal manual application and got it to work.

    Still no x264. If you find a way to make that work...

    Just wanted to let you know that someone had shared your pain.