Saturday, October 23, 2004

Got it !

It took some time, but this morning, I went to post office and I was able to get my iAudio M3 40GB (this is the Brown model, not the Silver one). No free earphones in the package but I got a better coupon (and my Koss "The Plug" earphones are already great), so everything is fine. After waiting 2 hours to get it charged and updating firmware (just need to put file in the correct folder and restart the device), I started playing with it. It is really great (I didn't had time yet to use it a lot with my ogg collection) but audio quality is nice, remote control isn't that bad (controls are a little small and need some time to adapt but nothing serious). I also had to enable back USB2 module for my system (I had disabled 6 months ago because they were freezing my system when using card reader) to get speedy transfer (and I was wondering why copying files on SD card was slow.. :) but now, everything is fine...
More photos are visible here.

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