Saturday, October 16, 2004

Music Player, Extensions and more

Wow, it's been a very long time since my last update.
Music Player
For some time now, I was annoyed after my Palm T3 as a Ogg player (no remote control, small capacity). So, I started looking for a new player. And I think I found my twin : Jakub :) I ordered my iAudio M3 40Gb last Wednesday in the UK (because it is 150Euro cheaper there and not very well distributed in France) and I waiting for it anxiously. Cowon (the creator of iAudio) seems to be very reactive : for their last firmware update, they have added partial FLAC support ! (Well, for me, Ogg + USB storage was a obligation, but it is nice added value).
Nautilus Extension
For quite some time, I wanted to port one of mdk biggest patch on nautilus asan extension (initial version was written almost 3 year ago for Nautilus 1.x), which allow quick file sharing from nautilus using NFS or SMB. Using nautilus-vcs as a basis (thanks ) and after tweaking initial UI, I was able to port it as a fully working nautilus extension. Since cooker is frozen at the moment, I can't upload this extensionin the distro but it is available on mdk cvs (soft/nautilus-filesharing module) right now.
Next trip
Only 14 day until my departure : I'll be visiting Vietnam for a two week tour from Saigon (Ho Chi Min Town) to Hanoi. I hope to do nice pictures with my brand new Canon S60..
End of september always mean for me the return of my taichichuan lessons, and this year, our teacher has also added a 1h chikong lesson. This is really great. We filmed demo last june and a DVD presenting our taichi association should be available soon. Since I'm also having some endurance problem (I'm really not a sport person), I've decided to do some jogging to correct this problem. I've started 3 weeks ago (only one session per week), starting from 1/2h three weeks ago to 1h last sunday (at very low speed at the moment, I'll only increase speed in several weeks, once I'm ok with current speed) and I must confess I'm astonished to be able to run for one hour (with a 5 minute break at mid time) without being a zombie once it is finished. I also thank Lenny (one of my co-worker) who gave me lot of advices.

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