Monday, November 15, 2004

Back from Vietnam

So, I'm back from my 15days trip in Vietnam. People are nice, food is excellent and country is beautiful (photos are available here).
Unfortunately, I had a big problem during my trip : on the 4th day, my 2GB microdrive died (in a bouddhist temple, so it was probably a sign), losing all pictures taken during the first 4 days of my trip. And I was left with only a 32MB flash card for 11 days. I was forced to take low resolution pictures (640x480) with my nice 5Megapixel Canon S60 (fortunately, one of my co-traveller was nice enough to let me use two 64MB cards he wasn't using and I was able to burn a CD during the trip to free space). So, if you are relying on microdrives, be very careful. I know I'll be switching back to 1GB flash card for my next trip, and I'll buy separate cards, just in case if one card dies.

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