Tuesday, March 29, 2011

GNOME3 Live Image version 0.3.0 released

You know the drill, another week, another release.

Want some colors ?

Release team decided to do another call for tarballs to fix some bugs across the entire GNOME3 platform, so 2.91.93 was released yesterday.

And today, you can download GNOME Live Image 0.3.0, which contains all the fixes from 2.91.93 tarballs.

Url to download it hasn't changed : http://gnome3.org/tryit.html

Enjoy !


  1. Is there a mailing list where development is discussed or another way to particpate?

  2. Your link isn't valid (encoded space at the end of the URI)

  3. Hi, first, thanks for your images, it's perfect to use it. I wish to install it, is there a way to use your packages in openSuse 11.4? I install this but Gnome 3 is *old* :P Or do you suggest install this live version?

  4. @davidnielsen: no specific mailing list, I guess you can post on opensuse-gnome mailing list

    @nick: thanks, fixed.

    @Guillermo: yes, you can, use home:fcrozat:gnome3 repository for now. When GNOME 3 is released, there will be a GNOME:STABLE:3.0 repository.

  5. @Fred: That's good news! Will you be maintainer of that repo?

    Thanks for your awesome work so far!

  6. @Chris: I'll be one of the maintainers of this repo, as well as other member of openSUSE GNOME team ;)

  7. @Fred Thanks, it's my first openSuse installation, how could I use this repo to update?

  8. @Guillermo: if you installed previous version of live image, just run "zypper dup" as root.

    If you are installing gnome3 from openSUSE 11.4 system, as root :
    zypper ar obs://home:fcrozat:gnome3/openSUSE_11.4 gnome3
    zypper dup

  9. I could update perfectly and found that my problem was a bad typing of Wifi Pass. Still there's no an easy way to change it (or I didn't find it). I had to edit wifi connection file in vim.


  10. i tried it, and i'm really looking forward to this release. there are some good ideas there.

    however, one thing that is very wrong in the gnome-shell is: there's too much clicking and moving and hovering just to go to one workspace (even explaining it is tiresome). if there's no minimize button and it's a workspace-oriented desktop, ok -- but then it shouldn't be so hard to switch workspaces.

  11. Frederic,

    It's working nice, but a few remarks:

    * Hardware detection does take a lot of time after user's login (at least 7/8 seconds, kills a bit of the joy);

    * ATI proprietary driver (fglrx, which is must to laptops, else the fan never stops and the GPU produces a lot of heat) is glitched. The upper panel doesn't display properly (screenshots don't show the panel). The panel color is corrupted. Only happens on gnome-shell panel and menu's have a strange tearing effect.

    * There's some other issues, but they are esthetical, like the unsharpened fonts, etc.

    Very nice experience, I look forward to the finished product :) Thanks for you work.