Friday, March 25, 2011

GNOME 3 live image release 0.2.0 is out

Another week, another release

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This week release is version 0.2.0. It features GNOME 2.91.92, including :

  • soon to be released Network Manager 0.9 and new UI integrated in GNOME Shell and GNOME Control Center (be careful, it has still rough edges)
  • a11y support should be improved

If you have installed this image or if you use the home:fcrozat:gnome3 openSUSE and want to upgrade to 2.91.92, you can update using zypper up (if you still want to keep Network Manager 0.8) or zypper dup (if you want to switch to NM 0.9). Some packages might be uninstalled in the process.

Image is, as always, available at

Enjoy !


  1. This release won't boot into a graphical UI for me. It does boot to a command promt successfully. The previous releases worked fine.

  2. @alexander: could you try to give more information about your hardware and also Xorg.log , either here or on

  3. There is a serious problem with the new packages: I've opted to stay with NM 0.8 because Plasma Desktop is my main DE and its network management is not yet compatible. Since some of your new packages require NM 0.9, the result was that some were downgraded from Beta 2 to the even older version shipped in openSUSE's standard repos.

    If I'm not mistaken, it's possible to have multiple versions of one package in a repo. So my suggestion is that you also add the Beta 2 packages of gnome-control-center* and gnome-settings-deamon* to your repo for those people who want/need to stay with NM 0.8 for whatever reason.

  4. Frederic,

    On my ATI hardware it pretty much loads into fallback mode, while the previous snapshots didn't. That's the main glitch :/

    Fallback mode panels are scary... Don't we have an option anymore to install the system?


  5. Hmm .. won't boot on my Thinkpad T60p I get kernel panic:
    Failed to execute /init
    Kernel panic - not syncing: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel. (etc)

  6. @kamikazow : sorry but I don't plan to support both NM 0.8 and 0.9.

    @nelson : try to logout and login again. Sometime, live image is a bit slow at initial startup and autodetection switch to fallback.
    As explained in all previous blog post, you can install the image by adding liveinstall as boot parameter

    @stormlink this is surprising, since T60p is one of my test machine. It looks like the dump to usb key was incomplete. Try to re-download the image, check md5sum and re-dump it (you can use abock tool to check md5sum on the dumped key too).

  7. Well, thanks to the downgrade to gnome-control-center* and gnome-settings-deamon* to 2.32 nothing runs anymore.

    I've read in a Fedora thread that NM 0.9 now has a compatibility mode with NM 0.8 clients. Could you at least add that version to your repo?

  8. @kamikazow: it looks like compatibility for NM 0.8 client has been added only 3 days ago in NetworkManager git. So it should be in the next tarball they'll release (I guess next week)

  9. Indeed, thanks. I downloaded the image again and it matched the first. I then flashed the USB and did a "md5sum /dev/sd.1", which matched the md5sum of the .iso itself.

    This one boots. :)

    Thanks, and sorry (I should have thought of that myself)!

  10. The compatibility patches are not in the master branch. They are only in the f15 branch:

  11. @Fred, Got it mate... it works ;) Very good job on the image! Keep up the good work :)

  12. @kamikazow : wow, thanks, I didn't realized they had a separate branch to stack their own patches :(
    I'll make sure to grab them

  13. I have no idea when the final NM 0.9 is planed to be released. Maybe it'll make sense to completely switch over to Red Hat's f15 branch because RH surely wants a stable and compatible NM for Fedora 15.