Sunday, July 29, 2007

GUADEC post-op

No, Ross, you're not the last one :)

I wanted to blog only when I finished processing all photos I took at GUADEC (since this time, I tried using RAW) but my Gimp-fu and Ufraw-fu is still a little low so I'm still not finished (but the first photos are online here). And next UFRaw release is scheduled today, with noise reduction and full color management, so I'll probably need to re-process my old photos.

Anyway, it has been a great week in Birmingham, very instructive (I was able to attend 33 talks !) with wonderful people all around (a special thanks to organization team).

It seems Mandriva / GUADEC USB key was well received, even if we found some bugs (like no boot on two laptops, including Frederic one or incorrect informative message reported by Hub). Another information regarding startup on the key : you can disable the "welcome" webpage after logging by GNOME editing session property.

But I want more feedback !! So, if you haven't formated your USB key yet (or even if you did ;) , tell us if you like it or not, bugs you found, features you miss, everything. Either comment on my post or blog yourself and add a trackback here.