Saturday, July 14, 2007

Flying to GUADEC

  • luggage : check

  • laptop borrowed from work : check

  • n800 : check

  • camera : check

Ok, I'm ready to go to GUADEC : I'll be arriving at BHX airport on Sunday morning.

As a sidenode, all GUADEC registered participants will receive a USB Flash key with a collector GNOME version of Mandriva Flash (it is our first GNOME Flash, with Metisse / Compiz and Beryl for anybody to test) with informations from GUADEC sponsors and GUADEC booklet too. There was a slight delay in the manufacturing so we are expecting them to be delivered on Tuesday (or maybe earlier if we are lucky) so don't blame GUADEC folks for this delay. Of course, if you have questions or issues with the distributions, feel free to ask me. And if you like it, you are free to let other people know too :)