Sunday, April 3, 2005

Spamming Planet GNOME

Oops, I'm trying to add a subcategory in my blog for all restaurants I know in Paris but since it will be mainly for French (and parisian) people, written in french, and I moved all current entries to a "general" category and I add restaurant reviews in another category, with the old RSS feed linking to the "general" category. I haven't succeed yet to have a working mod_rewrite rule yet :(
And doing live tests without impacting Planet GNOME is really hard (this is not my job). So, sorry guys for spamming Planet GNOME with my test. If there are apache hackers around, I'm trying to change /blog/?flav=rss into /blog/general/?flav=rss (before feeding to pyblosxom) and "RewriteRule ^/blog/?flav=rss$ /blog/general/?flav=rss" doesn't seem to work :( Feel free to add comments to this entry.. Thanks.

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