Wednesday, July 28, 2004

TreeView and BlueTooth

After spending a good part of last week trying to finish menudrake port to TreeView, I've decived to postpone this port, since I couldn't get DnD working between two treeviews without spending at least another week on it (this is the first time I'm hacking on TreeView and menudrake is using its own flat datamodel, incompatible with TreeModel). Moreover, the added value would be only aesthetic since menudrake is supposed to died when we well be able to switch to vFolder menu to replace Debian menu system.
There are days where I really enjoy working at Mandrakesoft, being able to fix stuff I usually don't work on. Today, I took my new USB BT dongle and I was able to get Mdk bluez packages working out of the box (after integrate some Fedora patches and fixing other problem), with dbus powered PIN gtk2 helper. So, now, both my Palm T3 and my cellphone are able to bind with BT USB dongle without having to configure anything on the distro. gnome-phone-manager is working correctly (thanks to pam_console), I still need to investigate crash in gnome-obex-send and gnome-bluetooth-manager seems to be a little broken in the distro (need to check code).

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