Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Palm, Bluetooth and TreeView

Hmm, I really don't update my blog enough..
Last Friday, I was at a Palm User Group Party (PalmSpirit). It was very nice and funny and thanks to numerous sponsors, everybody left with either software for PalmOS or accessories. I think it is the only place where you can leave your PDA on the restaurant table without it disappearing in somebody else pocket.
Thanks to hints given by PalmSpirit people and collegues (thanks Ayo), I change my mobile for a T630 with Bluetooth. I also bought a USB Bluetooth dongle, so I could start testing BT connectivity between T630, Palm T3 and my PC. Initial test with the distro ran fine but I hadn't time to setup everything (configuring GPRS for my mobile operator with my T3 was very hard). I'll probably have to integrate some of Edd's hints in the distro.
Menudrake was the first Mandrakesoft app to be ported to GTK2 (just after Sevilla GUADEC) but I didn't port its GtkCTree/CList part at that time because it was using a hacked version to handle multidnd. And since then, I was hoping to phase out Menudrake in favor of Desktop menu editor. Since XDG menu will be hard to fully implement in the distro to replace our menu system (and code is still moving), I decided to finish porting Menudrake to TreeView. I'm working on it for more than one week (not full time unfortunately), it is almost working (still need to add DnD) and it is my first big hacking for a loooong time : hard to start since I didn't knew anything about TreeView and menudrake code can be very ugly (no offense Vince). Thanks a lot to Tim-Philipp Müller's for his TreeView tutorial !

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