Friday, March 12, 2004

Gdm, evolution, etc..

I had a good day today :
I was able to upload a new version of gdm 2.4.x package fixing two bugs which had been reported for Mdk 9.2 and I never had time to investigate them (pam nologin issue, which took me two days to fix and bad greeter refresh).
Also, jpr released Evolution 1.4.6 so I updated the evolution stack for Mdk 10.0.
QA found some strange behaviour in nautilus with dnd to desktop but hopefully Alex already fixed the problem on HEAD last december, so it was just simple backporting.
Also, Mdk 10.0 Community Edition is publicaly available over FTP/Bittorrent and I don't had big issues reported on its GNOME 2.4..

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