Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Solutions Linux and other things

Yesterday, I was on Solutions Linux 2004 exhibition (previously known as Linux Expo Paris). I was at Mandrakesoft booth the entire morning (our booth was a little too small, so I could't do my 1/2h hour presentation of the distro) but many people came and when I had some time to rest, it was already 2pm.. I was on GNOME-FR booth (BTW, thanks again Tim and HP for the nice posters) and I did some demo on the accessibility tools such as gnopernicus, gok and dasher.
There was a nice evening meal with all the associations which were on Solutions Linux and there was a very productive discussion between all the french-speaking GNOME guys (there will be probably more about that in the following weeks).
It seems I don't any friend, since I didn't receive any mail to join Orkut :(

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