Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Monitor : follow-up and end

Yes.... I've got my LCD monitor at my post office this evening..
Thanks to Seb, I ordered a Sony SDM-X82 18" LCD monitor, with a discount of 300 EUR, compared to public price.. I got the explanation
from shop vendor : this is an soon to be ended product which was featured with special price offer last June in all FNAC shop in France..
And now, they are finishing their stock using their website, at a very interesting price (700EUR).
This monitor is really great.. I had to tune it a little to get a stable picture (I'm not using DVI plug) and changed anti-aliasing to
sub-pixel but it was quite easy.
I've also tried to use it on my TranquilPC without any luck. Unfortunately, when using both TV and standard output, all output are
running at 50hz (for PAL output) and this Sony monitor only works for frequency greater than 56Hz :(
Anyway, I'll wait for Alan to finish fixing XF driver for the VIA chipset, since the PAL TV output is still broken (I have to use FB
driver at the moment).

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