Friday, August 15, 2003

Beware when you discuss with Mikael, he has some magic power

Yesterday afternoon, after spending half of the day searching for a S-Video->Composite convertor in Paris without finding one, Mickael told me about gossip new mailing list and 5 minutes later, my monitor died.. I had planned to finish plugin my TranquilPC to my TV so I had now a very good reason to do so..
After fighting with FB, I finally got XFree86 and GNOME 2.2 running on my TV.. I had to use "Sans 20" fonts and use "MouseKeys" accessibility stuff but it works.. Well, I still need to pressure my boss so he finish integration of VIA XFree86 driver into Mandrake package so I'll be able to use them (at the moment, only the center of my TV is displayed right, sides are somehow blurry, it is probably caused by FB display.
Anyway, today is a closed day in France, so I have the entire day to choose for LCD monitor (I wanted to buy one for some time but since my CRT one was still working....). I'm still wondering if I'll buy a 17 or 19" (my CRT was a 17"). If you have bought one recently and are happy (or not) with it, please comment :)

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