Monday, July 28, 2003

Website redesign

Here it is..
For the third time, I've changed my website design and backend..
After trying PostNuke (too slow, hard to configure, too bloated), GeekLog (very fast, very easy to configure but too bloated for my use and too much painful to upgrade), I've finally discovered PyBlosxom, thanks to Jdub..
BTW I've also stolen his website design (which is now also the new GNOME website design). But my banner is an original one, based on photo taken during my latest travel to Moroco. And my funny head is courtesy of Havoc photos from GUADEC in Dublin, last June.
Also, thanks again to Jeff, I've my own news aggregator, powered by SpycyRoll. Beware, it also contains some french-speaking news feeds :)
Now, I still need to port to the new layout my photo gallery (I think this one will not as easy as other, since it is not fully CSS based) and my lending database. And I also need to keep posting entries on a regular basis :)

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