Monday, July 28, 2003

I hate Monday morning

I usually not like Garfield but today, I am.
During this week-end, there were two power outages in our office and when I came this morning, my main system refused to boot.. I thought it was its power supply (our PC are quite old) but after further testing, motherboard was the dead stuff.. I changed it and had to fight with DOS disks to upgrade BIOS.. In short, I lost my entire morning on that :(
During the afternoon, I had to play again with hardware to re-gain access to my GNOME cvs compilation system because an cable was screwing the switch where it was plugged (we ended to find it was the switch was faulty).
Anyway, I was still able to rebuild Evolution against latest kerberos package Florin did last Friday before his holidays, fix missing schemas
registration in gnome-control-center, fix typing-break module which was merged into gnome-control-center recently (after annoying richard and filling an unneeded bug report, I discovered it was again a missing schema registration in libgnome package :(. In the mean time, I found
again some generated stubs/skeleton shipped with control-center tarball and did a full clean-up and distcheck check of gnome-control-center (it is now only waiting for jrb approval). I've started to backport GTK+ fix for theme thumbnail, I'll hope to finish that tomorrow.

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