Thursday, April 2, 2009

GNOME 3.0 planning announced

After a lot of thinking
Vincent thinking about which bug to fix first

GNOME release team is happy to announce
Vincent Untz (vuntz)

planning for GNOME 3.0

Enjoy (other members of Release Team did blog about it too : Vincent, Lucas, Andre).

Now, back to work, folks !
GNOME group photo (take 2)


  1. Can please someone tell the Zeitgeist guys that it's a bad idea to show all your warez in a public screencast? Esspecially when your tool is about to become a part of GNOME. It can become a PR nightmare and it's very unprofessional. It makes GNOME look like being "clicked together" by some not-too-smart highschool kids.

  2. Why not doing it yourself directly ? Email for Zeigeist people is public ;)

  3. It was already commented on in their blog ( But they seem to ignore it or not take it seriously. Maybe someone with a little bit of GNOME-authority (like a member of a certain "release team") would cause more effect.

  4. Then I suggest you bring the topic on gnome-marketing mailing list.