Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm weak

Two weeks ago, I was invited in a Playstation event in a nice loft near Trocadero to test upcoming games on both PS3 and PSP, so I mostly tested Little Big Planet (on PS3), Locoroco 2 on PSP (I'm a fan of the first Locoroco on PSP) and Resistance 2 (I'm really bad at this kind of game). I mostly wanted to test Little Big Planet, since I first saw some videos from the game and next Prince of Persia (but it wasn't there to be tested unfortunately). And I wasn't disappointed (compared to two years ago where I was invited to a similar event, before PS3 official launch in France and almost no game was incentive enough for buying a PS3, unlike Wii). So, I was just weak : I waited until official launch of Little Big Planet in France (last Friday), available in a PS3 bundle and I bought it. And I really don't regret my decision, this game is great.

Since Friday, I have innoculated Little Big Planet virus to 6 other players (4 who had already a PS3 and now want to buy the game, and a couple who were waiting for good games on PS3 before buying one and plan to now ;), and I also contamined another friend, by just talking to him on Friday after over irc (and I must confess I was sure he already had a PS3 when I discussed with him, but he only had a PSP :D).

I'm weak, I know that now. And if you want to be weak with me on Little Big Planet, just add "UnFred" as your PSN contact...