Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mandriva and EEE PC, 2009.0 specs

Maybe people are not aware of this fact but we, at Mandriva, really love EEE PC. We love them so much that Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring (released on April 9th 2008) is fully compatible with EEE PC 700/701, out of the box (no patch needed), with all features working. And as a bonus, we give you about half an hour more of battery autonomy, compared to the distribution bundled with EEE PC. For EEE PC 900, you need to upgrade kernel and hal-info packages from security / bugfix update media (if you are installing from Mandriva Free or Mandriva Powerpack installer, just accept security updates at the end of install). We haven't got a EEE PC 901 in our hands yet, but we will make sure to fix any incompatibilities found, if any.

Even better : if you have Mandriva Flash 2008 Spring edition (released last week), you can use the new "install from flash key" feature to install Mandriva on your EEE PC (no USB CD/DVD drive nor network install required) and it will work on 700/701/900 EEE PC (no changed needed).

Hint : if you are coming to GUADEC at Istanbul, you should be happy with GUADEC USB key this year ;)

Mandriva Linux 2009
We have just posted technical specifications for Mandriva 2009.0 (scheduled for early October), based on both internal and community feedbacks. Now, we just need to implement as much as possible of them ;)


  1. Great news! I'm looking for a more open alternative to the default OS of the eeePC. But just one question: how fast is it booting? This is an important criteria for our professionnal use of the eeePC.

  2. Unfortunately, we are not as fast as Xandros distribution regarding booting time. Xandros has stripped their init structure to be as fast as possible.

    We have a similar solution for OEM but it isn't stable to be used on any kind of installation, but customized one.

    But we are planning to improve boot time on Mandriva 2009.0

  3. Francois, it's worth noting that we did work quite hard to make sure suspending and resuming the Eee works well in Mandriva; our expected use case is that you don't turn actually turn the Eee off and completely reboot it very often at all, but just use suspend and resume instead. That way the boot time is not so important.

    But yep, as Fred said, we're hoping to have improved boot time for the Eee - maybe using the Xandros-a-like system - for 2009.

  4. I can confirm that Mandriva 2008.1 Spring works ok with the EEE PC 900 as well.