Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mandriva Linux is NOT a purely "KDE distribution"

No, Michael, Mandriva Linux is NOT a purely "KDE distribution" and it hasn't been for the last 7 years !

  • All our tools, including our installer, are developed using GTK2 (mostly using Perl bindings for Gtk)
  • our theme (Ia Ora) is available in both GNOME (ie Gtk2) and KDE (Qt) flavor, to make sure applications have a similar look, even if they are not run under their "native" environment
  • we favor default applications to "native" ones for each desktop (ie using KDE applications under KDE and GNOME apps under GNOME)
  • we try to develop features and graphics design in both environments at the same time
  • we ship our live CDs (called Mandriva One) in two flavors (KDE and GNOME)
  • people using our classic installer products (either Powerpack or Free) are asked if they want to install GNOME or KDE (or any other environments we ship, like XFCE)
  • we even offered a GNOME based Mandriva Flash to all attendee to GUADEC last year in Birmingham.
  • for Firefox, we even split the gnome specific modules in a separate package which is installed by defaut only for GNOME install
  • we developped a XSettings server for KDE which tries to ensure GTK2 applications looks decent under KDE, following KDE settings (unfortunately, it is not possible to do the same for Qt/KDE apps under GNOME)
So, I repeat, Mandriva Linux is NOT a purely KDE distribution. It might have been 8 or 9 years ago, when it was originally created, but it is no longer the case for more than half a decade now.