Sunday, March 23, 2008

Crazy April

I'm feeling a crazy month of April coming :

  • we are in the final rush for Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring (RC2 was released some days ago) and it should be out in the first days of April.
  • I've accepted new responsabilities at Mandriva : in addition of being GNOME / HAL / guy, I'm now Manager of France Engineering team (located in Paris), whose main task is to work on Mandriva Linux distribution (as well with our Brazilian colleagues).
  • As part of those new responsibilities, I'll be flying to Linux Foundation Collaboration Submit to attend Desktop Architect Meeting (I'll be part of the Distributions panel) in Austin, TX from April 8 to April 10 (but I'll be in Austin from April 5).
  • just one week after this meeting, I'll be flying to Nepal for two weeks holidays (part visit, part trekking). I'll share my photo setup soon.
A side note for French readers : I've started back to blog in french on subjects only relevant to French people (or French speakers). Those posts won't be visible in Planet GNOME and Planet Mandriva.


  1. Cool. Congrats Frederic.
    I'm sure that you will be doing some good things, I just hope you won't be overloaded. Fortunately Goetz is there to help you ;)
    BTW, it's somewhat hard to understand who's doing what presently at Mandriva.

    Maybe an organigram at least of the dev team.

  2. Hmm! Super! Ca veut dire encore plus de photos :) Felicitations!

  3. All is here:

  4. Fred, when you will come back from your holidays, could you give us feedbacks and summaries from the Desktop Architect Meeting ? And eventually Mandriva positions on some of the discussions ?