Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Monitor calibration (epilogue)

So far, so good :

  • argyllcms 0.70 beta7 is now packaged on Mandriva contrib. I had to fight with Jam (because argyllcms insists on shipping a copy of libtiff and libusb and I didn't want those in our package) and with FORTIFY_SOURCE (causing buffer overflow in most tools, because of strange usage of printf, so I disabled FORTIFY_SOURCE).
  • I've updated lprof package in Mandriva contrib to CVS snapshot and I got it to work nicely with Huey colorimeter. There are still some build issues to workaround (calreports.html is missing from CVS, preventing build, embedded copy of argyllcms has the same FORTIFY_SOURCE issue, build being not lib64 aware) and application bugs, such as not disabling screensaver when running calibration (unlike argyllcms), calibration windows badly interacting with Ia Ora QT theme, causing misrendering) but nothing not really serious.
  • Until kernel is fixed to ignore Huey device for HID, you can unbind it from usbhid module, using echo -n "usb_id" > /sys/bus/drivers/usbhid/unbin. I'v created udev rule to handle this workaround until fix is merged in our kernel and put it in both argyllcms and lprof packages.