Monday, December 3, 2007

Choosing a monitor color calibration device

Christmas is coming, so I'm looking into buying a monitor calibration device. Requirements are simple :

  • must be supported under Linux by Free Software ie must be supported by Argyllcms
  • must be cheap (since it appears most of the features are implemented in software and not in hardware).
Version 0.70beta7 have added support for two cheap calibrators, Spyder2 Express and Huey. I know Ross has been successful with Spyder2 Express but I'm not a big fan of requiring firmware extraction from Windows driver and moreover ColorVision (maker of Spyder2) don't plan to support Free Software in future version of their product.

Huey doesn't seem to need firmware to work, but it is hacking around USB HID protocol, which requires some udev hackery to prevent kernel usbhid driver to handle the device, just like Wacom tablets (well, thanks to Pascal, this Wacom problem will be fixed in future kernel driver). So it would be better to "support" this device, over Spyder2, if possible.
I'm looking for reports of success use of Huey with Argyllcms on Linux (but if I don't get some, I'll probably buy a Spyder2 Express).