Monday, May 14, 2007

Honey, I've DSLed my mom

After about 18 months of additional delay (over initial estimate), ADSL is, at last, available for my mom house, in Lozère. And I was able to guide her to install her new DSL box (Freebox, which is running Linux internaly) using my GSM tonight. It tooks about 1/2h to get DSL Box up and running with phone over IP, mostly to tell her where to plug each type of cable, check twice the phone cable (both RJ11 and French plugs are mixed) and an additional 1/4h to get her to configure IP connectivity on her Mandriva box :

  • first you plug the usb cable from Freebox to PC (I didn't install a ethernet card on her PC, it will be done later)
  • then, you log in as usual, you go to "System / Administration and Configure your Computer"
  • you type your administrator password
  • you choose Internet, then "Configure a new Internet connexion", you choose Ethernet (since it is usbnet) and you click on the Next button until you are done.
  • You insert requested CD to get dhcp client installed
  • et voilà
Oh, maybe I forgot to tell you my mom didn't knew how to use a mouse three years ago (or a GUI system) and has been using Google quite often for about 6 months now (over old analogic modem). And she is running Mandriva Linux with GNOME ! Isn't it wonderful ?


  1. Comment from Christian Kellner:

    Similar story with my mom (she is 62 now). It is ineed wonderful!

  2. Comment from ReinoutS:

    And my mother, who will be 60 this year!

  3. Comment from Thom:

    Good work bud, got my nan (80) using Ubuntu and loving it!

  4. Comment from drakedalfa:

    Congratulations ^_^ you are a good son.

  5. I didn't write it initially but my mom is from the same generation (ie age but if I say her age, she will kill me, as soon as she discover this blog) than Christian and ReinoutS moms :)

  6. Comment from nuer:

    "You insert requested CD to get dhcp client installed" : errkkkk !!! Mandriva will never change ...

  7. Comment from Xav:

    What should have happened:
    your mom plugs the usb cable, HAL recognizes that and handles that to NetworkManager, who then configures and brings the network automatically.
    BTW that's what happened on an Ubuntu box 1 year ago when I tried.

  8. Comment from Rory McCann:

    Same here. My mum is 50 and the only PC we have is Ubuntu. She's quite happy using it and has no problems. She wasn't able to use a PC about a year ago, now she's always online. :)

  9. Let's not mix everything : I'm guessing dhcpd was missing (thus requesting CD) because I've installed her PC about 3 years ago, it doesn't have ethernet port and was only using PPP for dial-up, therefore it didn't need dhcp-client installed on her system (otherwise, people talks about bloat :).

    For usb autodetection and configuration, after checking in the office, it should have worked, so maybe I did something wrong on her PC last time I touched it.