Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Metisse is not a 3D desktop

I guess most people know now what my dream was : 3D can be more than just fancy.

For some time now, I've been working with members of In Situ team to integrate their Metisse software in Mandriva Linux and it is really exciting. Mandriva will announce very soon (today or tomorrow) Metisse will be part of Mandriva Spring 2007 and is also available as a Live CD based on Mandriva 2007.0 and GNOME (yay) right now so everybody can try Metisse right now and report bugs.
If you want to see what Metisse can do for you, I suggest you download some screencasts I did using Metisse. They are available either using low quality flash on dailymotion (not recommended) or high quality either by bittorrent (preferred) or http. Check for all options (there is a small error on this page, there are 4 different videos but one has the wrong thumbnail for now, it will be fixed tomorrow).
I tried to answer a lot of questions regarding Metisse on our FAQ , I just hope I have covered enough of them ;)

Oh, and before I forget, even it is written on the FAQ, I remind everybody Metisse is experimental software, with a high focus on research in UI interaction and less in esthetic effects (we had some nice .... discussions with Metisse people about this ;), so don't juge metisse only on its appearance. If you can, try it (after a quick look at documentation, otherwise, you might miss many features which are not always discoverable immediatly).

Enjoy everybody.