Monday, December 11, 2006

Ceci n'est pas a 3D destkop

I repeat "Ceci n'est pas a 3D desktop"... More on this later ;)

Christmas Lighting for Place Felix Eboué / Daumesnil

Wii has landed in Europe last Friday (and we did a Wii session at lunch time at Mandriva so everybody could test it easily) but it is still very hard to find for people (like me) who didn't book it before launch, with effective availability supposed to be end of december. So, today, I went to a shop to get a coupon for my old GameCube and to book a Wii for end of december. And guess what ? Manager gave me a Wii directly from booked Wii stock (because one booking was canceled), without me even asking for a favor. Nice, isn't it.


  1. Comment from AdamW:

    Very nice :) I didn't have the money to get one on launch day, but then was lucky and found two in stock at Toys R Us when they were still mostly sold out everywhere...bought one to keep and sold the other on eBay!

    It's an awesome machine. What games did you get?

  2. For now, Wii Sport (it is bunbled with console in Europe) and Zelda. I'm wondering between Rayman and the Crazy Rabbits (I tested it, it is very crazy) or Wii Play (since I'll be needing a second Wiimote).

  3. Comment from AdamW:

    Heh, exactly the same here - I got Sports and Zelda so far, I've been looking out for Raving Rabbids (it seems to be sold out here) and waiting for Wii Play (doesn't come out till January here). The only drawback to the Wii so far is that there's not that many other good games yet :\

    Didn't have time to make it very far in Zelda, but I love Sports, at least the tennis, baseball and bowling.

  4. Comment from Baptiste:

    Salut Fred,

    Ou est-ce que l'on peut echanger sa GC comtre un wii? ca m'intéresse ?


  5. Baptiste, on ne l'échange pas, on peut se la faire racheter d'occasion (GameCube, PS2 ou XBox ou les 3) chez ScoreGames, pour 60 à 100€ (voir conditions sur leur site), offre valable jusqu'à fin janvier ;)