Sunday, November 12, 2006

Lozère and co

First, a slight correction for J5, a french Soupe à l'oignon (Onion Soup) doesn't always need wine in preparation (except if guy doing cooking is drinking a glass of wine at the same time :) You can either do it without any wine (a lot of people do) or with just a little (usually 1 glass for preparation for 4 persons). Personally, I never used any wine in it. Still on the cooking side, I've bought latest Jamie Oliver book in french ("Version Originale", which took two years to be translated, original name is "Jamie's Dinners") and it is giving me a lot of ideas for easy cooking for my weekday dinners.

My back to the source trip in Lozère went quite well, even if we didn't visit as much as planned initially. But even with 5 days of shooting, I took 3.2GB of photos (argg, it was too much for my Flickr quota) with my 400D. This camera is great, even if I feel like a kid who is starting to learn bicycle without the 2 extra wheels to stabilise the whole thing. I'm slowing starting to get a photographer eye for many things, like light or compositiong, but at the same time, I'm becoming more and more demanding on the subject I'm photographing. And I'm also realizing I still need to learn a lot about photography. I've played a lot with a polarising filter (which is giving great blue sky) but I'm still having some difficulties to compensate ambiant light for landscape using camera only settings or filters (I don't really want to gimpify my photos). Since there are some great photographers reading Planet GNOME, dear lazy web, is there a way to compensate this "fog" effect which can be seen on the following photo : ? I've tried to change exposition but I didn't get good results. Anyway, if you want to comment on my various photos and give me hints, (don't worry if you see several times the same one, I sometime played with exposition while shooting) or if you just want to discover some parts of Lozère, just go there.


  1. Comment from John (J5) Palmieri:

    We dumped a bottle of red in with nice portions of Port and Sherry to make 12 servings.

  2. Comment from Eugenia:

    Nice pics. You have enough pixels in your 400D to crop sometimes btw. Also, you should learn more about the "rule of thirds", so some of your subjects are not dead center.

    Some comments from my husband:
    You should edit your pics (you improve the overall quality of your pictures by removing the bad ones). Usually photographers are throwing away 90% of their shot pictures. 10% of that 10% can go to your wall, and 10% of that 10% can become friend gifts (well, generally speaking).

  3. 1/ I already said I didn't to edit my images as much as possible. That includes cropping, unless absolutely necessary. And I'm aware about composition rules (Hedgecoe book is great for that too) but this trip was more to start to master my reflex than applying composition rules (yet).

    2/Photos on flickr were already triaged partially (I discarded 175 photos before uploaded) but I didn't triaged all of them because I wanted to get input from other people and to do some debriefing about those shooting for myself by checking the various parameters used during shooting.

    3/red wine in Soupe à l'oignon ? Strange, I only saw about white wine in some receipes I looked at ;)