Sunday, September 10, 2006

2.16, Mona

I guess everybody already know about it but if you were alone without internet connection for the past weeks, you must know it is there :

GNOME 2.16 is out. And guess what : it is available in Mandriva cooker.
Another good news :

Mandriva Linux 2007.0 Release Candidate 1 (codename Mona) is also available. It already contains GNOME 2.16.0 and a lot of improvements, such as parallel initscripts (allowing even faster booting than before), our new Ia Ora theme (I already talked about it before, and I want to thank everybody who gave us their input, it helped us a lot) and for people want want 3D effects on their desktop (I'm not a fan of this, but whatever ;), it is shipping with both Xgl and AIGLX with automatic configuration, based on your graphic cards.

Help us by testing the release and reporting bugs. And guess what : it is available as a GNOME installable live-CD (as well as a KDE one ).

Now, I just need to fix as many bug already reported to me as possible before final version is frozen :D

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  1. Comment from Mandriva made my evening:

    [...] Frédéric Crozat announces on Planet GNOME the release of GNOME 2.16 and its availability on the new Mandriva release: Mandriva Linux 2007.0 Release Candidate 1 (codename Mona) [...]